Owners Benefits

  4 Night Special  During the off seasons all owners are welcome to book a 4 night special. Sunday – Thursday  4 nights for $225.00

New 2019 Charter Night Rate $75.oo per night

Charter rates: Owner discounted charter rates are an owner’s benefit that is available to the owner and the owner’s immediate family (owner, owner’s spouse, owner’s children).

Day Use Privileges

The hours and days are Monday-Friday 10am-6pm.

3 Hours maximum per visit per Family.

maximum of 3 visits per week per family.

Pool towels must be brought from home, HVC will not provide towels for day use.

Owner must call ahead to make sure HVC is not fully occupied, in which case usage may be limited.

Owner and party need to sign in at the front desk upon entering HVC property

Owner may have a maximum of (4) family members per owned unit.

Owners and family are required to wear wrist bands while on property.

All registered owners are required to have a parking permit visible in vehicle windshield.

The owner must be current with all Maintenance and other invoiced fees. Owners’ children utilizing day use privileges are governed by the posted age limits and rules for the various amenities. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to be on the property without adult supervision; this includes pool and hot tub.

Day use privileges are for the owner and co-owner(s) of record, and their spouses and children. This is immediate family only.

Management reserves the right to request the owner and guests to vacate the premises for any reason.

Management reserves the right to restrict day use during heavy usage periods.

Updated on   4/6/19

Upgrading Units  An owner may request to up grade to a larger unit during owned week there will be a charge of $65

RCI Interval Exchange
Holiday Vacation Condominium belongs to the RCI Exchange Network. This enables HVC Owners the ability to exchange their week for a week at RCI affiliated resorts around the world and use of other membership benefits that make Vacation Ownership special.

To learn about or use the current benefits of joining RCI, go to their website at