Operating Fees

  • Each Owner at Holiday Vacation Condominium is responsible for paying an Annual Maintenance Fee for each Unit/Interval week they own.
  • Invoiced Fees are due when billed.
  • Owners who have Invoiced Fees that are overdue will be subject to monthly interest charges, suspension fees, loss of exchange & charter membership privileges.
  • All Holiday Vacation Condominium Owners must have all Invoiced Fees paid in advance before they can Exchange, Rent, Occupy or use any Charter Member benefit. Late fees, etc. will be assessed in accordance with the ABC* policy in effect.
  • RCI will accept Interval Deposits (banking your week) and Request First placements up to two years in advance of an owner’s week. In order to facilitate these requests, the Owner must pay an Estimated Operating Fee for the week they are offering to RCI, Holiday Vacation Condominium will not authorize an exchange until the Annual Maintenance Fees are paid in full for that year. Please call the HVC office at 508-775-0414 before offering these weeks for exchange and we will process your payment. We do accept major Credit Cards for all payments.
  • The bulk of the annual maintenance fees, fundamentally go toward the property’s ongoing maintenance and operational expenses. A Special Assessment, when applied the the annual maintenance fee is a vehicle to cover a capital item that will in turn update the units interior and offer a more satisfying stay for our owners. The upgrades to the units will also increase RCI trading power, unit sales and rentals. It is to benefit all of our Owners.
  • Holiday Vacation Condominium will be glad to set up a payment plan for any owner who is experiencing financial difficulty.

*ABC – Assessment, Billing and Collection policy